The proverbial other shoe has dropped on the New York Yankees. The pitching staff, which was thought in the preseason to be the strength of the club, has been decimated by injuries. None more crushing then the loss of "The Sandman" Mariano Rivera for the remainder of the 2012 season due to an ACL injury.

Much has been said about whether Mo should have been shagging flies in the outfield in the first place. I'm a little torn on this issue, no pun intended. Ideally you don't want the most valuable player of the team to put himself in a spot where he could injury himself but these are world class athletes and they do have certain training regiments that keep them in shape. Anyone who has done it knows shagging flies in the outfield can be a great workout. So that being said I'm ok with him getting some outfield work in. Just please recover quickly and completely and be ready to be MO for next season.

The rest of the staff has given Yankee fans reason for concern as well. Pineda is gone, Joba is working to come back, DRob is now on the DL with an oblique strain, Freddy Garcia has pitched his way into the pen and Nova has sprained his ankle putting his next start in question. The silver lining is Phil Hughes is pitching better and Andy the P has returned from retirement. Andy's first start began very well and tailed off a little in the 5th inning. This was to be expected for his first outing after a year and change away from the game.

With the above mentioned injuries as well as the typical day to day carnage the Yankee outfielders have suffered so far. The Bronx has become the current home to the 4077 MASH Unit. This team has been built to overcome injuries, however the rate at which we are seeing them does give cause for concern, not to mention Eduardo Nunez can't seem to master any position on the playing field and continues to cost the Yankees runs.

Make no mistake this will be the longest season in recent New York Yankee history. Just thank the baseball Gods for the rejuvenated play of the "Captain" Derek Jeter.

Tune into Yankee Roll Call as we get you through 2012 campaign. SIGN ON!


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