Much to the dismay of many Yankee fans, the first meeting with the Boston Red Sox has left us with even more unanswered questions about this year's team.  The pitching, which we had all hoped would be enough to keep this team competitive, looked shaky at best to start the 2013 campaign.

The over the top crazies, are already putting a fork in C.C. Sabathia. Come back off the ledge! Please, take a look at his history in the beginning of the season throughout his career. C.C. has not always been at his best in season openers.  Yes his velocity was down, but let's hold off on the judgment that there is something seriously wrong with him.  It is a strong possibility that C.C. just hasn't built his arm strength up yet.  Give it a few more games.  HANDS OFF THE PANIC BUTTON, on this issue!

Another scary moment was thrown Joe G's way, when Kuroda decided to try to stop a ball with a bare hand. Fortunately, Kuroda will be ok, with just a bruised finger and he remains day to day.  Cody Eppley came in for the injured Kuroda and had problems of his own, giving up 4 runs in 1- 1/3 innings.  After that Adam Warren came in and looked better, only giving up another run in 5 and 1/3rd.  Needless to say, Joe G's and Brian Cashman's job have become a little tougher.

The old guys keep rolling!!!!!!!  Andy the P delivers a fantastic performance, going 8 innings on Thursday night to put NY in the win column, for the first time this year.  The Great Rivera, came in for the 9th to notch his first save in his last season.  Yankee fans better savor every time Mo gets warmed up because we may not get to see a lot of him on this final run if the bats don't wake up.

Now, it is time to discuss what will make every Yankee fan grimace in excruciating pain.  Yes, I'm talking about a lineup without the Captain, Tex, Granderson, and even Arod.  I applaud Joe G for trying to play a different kind of baseball then we have seen in the past few years, but this series was abysmal.  Vernon Wells and Travis Haffner had their moments as well as Brett Gardner and Cervelli.  The problem seems to be the same one that has plagued this team over the last few season, TIMLEY HITTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Word of caution to the Hal Steinbrenner and the front office, if you think that cutting payroll is the answer to being a more profitable and successful franchise.  Please take note of your gate receipts and TV ratings, which you are sooo proud of.  You can't put a sub-par product on the field and be competitive, even if that product is wearing pinstripes.

Let's hope to see a change for the better when the bats return from the DL.


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