With the opening of the 2014 season, The New York Yankees have begun to turn the page from the great championship dynasty teams of the late 1990’s and early 2000’s.   All but one of the core four are gone, and with talk of lowered payroll and conservative spending, many Yankee fans were not looking forward to what the 2014 baseball season would bring to the Bronx.

Many factors have gone into making this offseason a memorable one. The Robinson Cano/Jay Z negotiations that turned south and sent Cano to the left coast, the signing of Jacoby Ellsbury to play centerfield, the additions of Brian McCann and Carlos Beltran, as well as the Yankees winning the bidding war, and signing Masahiro Tanaka. The front office is banking on Tanaka to be the Yankee’s ace of the near future, as of today, 155 million dollars has purchased them a number 4 starter.

The real news of the winter was the retirement announcement of the Captain, Derek Jeter. After 19 years of donning the pinstripes, the Captain will call it a day. As most Yankee fans, I hope that the front office brass has done their best, and will continue to do so during this season to put the pieces in place for Jeter to go out a winner.

There was concern and even panic in some corners of the Yankee Universe, when the front office announced they were absolutely going to be below the luxury tax for the 2014 season. Now that the dust from the ARod scandal has settled and the team will not have to pay his salary this year, it has made the decision to spend money a little more palatable.  If you couple that, with the FACT of last year’s declined attendance at the stadium, and lower ratings for games on YES. I hope the bean counters have gotten the point, Yankee fans are loyal, but you cannot put a triple A team on that field, in this city, who can’t compete, and expect us to continue to pay top dollar for a subpar product!

I expect to see a couple of midseason moves to address the infield deficiencies, but Yankee fans please understand we do not need an all-star at every position, although it is nice, we can win with competent proven players. Take a moment and go down the batting order, you will see that this team on paper has the bats to get it done. We look forward to spending another exciting Yankee baseball season with you.

So sign on! Great ready for the run for #28 with Yankee Roll Call!


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